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Red Ochre is a niche business that delivers wrap around support and mentoring to build successful Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander commercial and social businesses.

There are many consultancy companies, but can they match what Red Ochre offers?

Few others are able to offer the necessary combination of pragmatic business expertise, robust research, and embedded connections  that we do. Red Ochre personnel have extensive practical experience working with the indigenous business and social sector, and the cultural competence to value community diversity.

Red Ochre gives clients access to the knowledge and expertise of over 200 years of cumulative team experience and expertise working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people right across Australia.

We are positioned to build strong and enduring community-private-public partnerships because we are networked with the corporate, government, not-for-profit and academic sectors. Our clients include major mining companies, all sectors of government and rural and remote Indigenous communities. We understand that solid relationships and effective coordination are critical to outcomes.

The best part is your first consultation is absolutely free, so call 0897912768 and discover where you and Red Ochre can travel together.

Red Ochre – business support that changes lives!

About our people

Adrian Azzari-Colley  |  Director

Adrian Azzari-Colley - Red Ochre Consulting

Adrian Azzari-Colley, has strong connections with Indigenous Elders from whom he regularly seeks advice. Through this advice he is able to ensure that his team is sensitive to Indigenous ways of working and their cultural pathways.

Adrian has a sound reputation built over 28 years experience in education and training, business facilitation, mediation and community consultation with Indigenous people. An important dimension that Adrian brings to projects is that although he has worked at a senior level he has actually worked alongside clients as they build their enterprises and brings a special sensitivity to project development only found in highly experienced business facilitators.

Since 2011 Adrian has worked with a major mining company and traditional Indigenous owners to facilitate the take up of business opportunities associated with the construction of a new mine in very remote Western Australia.

Greg Allard | Senior Consultant

Greg Allard - Red Ochre Consulting

Greg Allard is a highly regarded consultant with extensive experience providing consultation to all tiers of government, the private sector and Indigenous organisations and communities. Greg has conducted a wide range of feasibility studies, strategic and business planning projects, risk strategies and stakeholder consultation throughout Australia, including the Torres Strait. Many consultancies have included working with urban, regional and remote Indigenous people.

Greg has engaged with senior State and Commonwealth Government personnel throughout Australia including CEO’s, Ministers and senior Indigenous leaders. Greg possesses excellent interpersonal, verbal and report writing skills that are synonymous with the successful completion of client consultancies.

Greg recently has worked closely with two Indigenous companies, both involved in mining projects in the Northern Goldfields of Western Australia. The results from the work have been excellent ensuring that both companies are able to clinch multi-million dollar contracts with major mining companies in the area.

Brad Eggmolesse  |  Consultant


Brad Eggmolesse has over 34 years experience in the mining industry having been employed in numerous roles throughout his career. With a work history that includes a mechanical trades background with civil construction and mine infrastructure, operational mining and training management, and business development and management expertise – Brad has a diverse knowledge of the mining sector.

As an Aboriginal elder, he has a key focus within the mining sector in Indigenous employment and commercial business development. Brad is dedicated to playing a key role in influencing generational shift promoting commercial engagement amongst Indigenous ‘Gen Y’ with mining and other industry sectors.

Recently Brad has worked with Evolution Mining developing mentor training and site engagement processes for apprentices and trainees as well as a Cultural Heritage Officer training course and its implementation onsite.  His experience and drive have also seen him facilitating and reviewing training programs in managerial roles for companies such as Byrnecut Mining Australia, Glencore Copper, and Global Mine Training. He has also operated in advisory roles for Morris Corporation and Cape York Institute (CYI).

Tony Calgaret  |  Associate

Tony Calgaret - Red Ochre Consulting

Tony Calgaret is a 59 year old “Stolen Generation” Aboriginal man and has extensive experience working in the Aboriginal community in Western Australia the Northern Territory and the ACT. Tony’s public service career in the Commonwealth and State Government departments spans 25 years is varied and Aboriginal specific.  He has been in the Aboriginal services field for many years and this includes:

  • Establishing, chairing and managing Aboriginal organisations in the South West and Great Southern (Noongar) country).
  • State Manager of the Aboriginal Services Unit in Centrelink Perth Head office, and
  • Policy Unit Manager in the Centrelink National Administration Canberra ACT.

In 1981 he was elected president of the Bunbury Aboriginal Progress Association (BAPA) now known as Goomberup.  He took this organisation from a dysfunctional debtor to a highly efficient, effective and well funded advocate for the Bunbury Aboriginal community. Tony was also instrumental as the inaugural chair in establishing the Noongar Language and Culture Centre which recorded and documented Noongar language throughout the Noongar regions of Western Australia.

In 1982 Tony was instrumental in establishing the Southern Aboriginal Corporation which is a multi-million dollar organisation. He was elected the inaugural chair and vice chair and remained for a period of 3 years with the organisation before moving to Perth Western Australia with the Australian Public Service.

Tony’s public service career in Commonwealth and State Government departments spans 20 years.  This has included “on the ground” work in communities though to management but always in the field of improving services to Aboriginal people. Tony had an 8 year career in the Department for Child Protection’s (DCP) Head Office.  He produced numerous Aboriginal policy documents for Department for Child Protection (DCP).  Out-posted to the Western Australian Council of Social Service (WACOSS), Tony developed and delivered a comprehensive training package on how to work with Aboriginal people “on the ground” in a culturally sensitive and effective way.

Since 2006 Tony has owned and run his own all Aboriginal consulting business culminating in the 2012 Western Australian NAIDOC Aboriginal business of the year. 

Phil Collard  |  Associate

phil collard


Phil Collard is a solution focussed business owner with over 20 years of experience successfully managing teams, processes and systems, and is highly committed to Aboriginal development and employment strategies. Phil has demonstrated results in managing small teams to carry out high quality work on schedule. He also has years of experience managing, mentoring and building capacity in Aboriginal teams.

Phil’s achievements include successfully establishing the thriving Mungart Tree Nursery. The nursery is a flourishing enterprise, employing ten Aboriginal staff with clients ranging from Shires within the Wheatbelt and mining clients such as Sons of Gwalia. Phil’s team also services local farmers undertaking fencing, fence maintenance and replacement. Together they have successfully installed fencing for Shires across multiple locations simultaneously. Phil brings communication skills and the ability to create and nurture strong, high-performing, Indigenous teams.

Wayne Tingey  |  Associate

Wayne Tingey

Wayne Tingey has a background in water resource management across Western Australia with over 30 years’ experience as a senior manager with the Western Australian public service as the Regional Manager South West and Operations Manager North with the Department of Water. Wayne has spent his career working with regional communities and businesses to negotiate strategic development pathways with Government and stakeholders.

Wayne has extensive experience in water resource management, environmental management and regional development across the Kimberley and the south west including directing the Government’s priority Water for Food program (2013-2016) in the north west where he used his water-politics knowledge to engage with Aboriginal groups and work through Native Title, Aboriginal heritage and social/cultural issues in scoping development opportunities. A key highlight of the Water for Food program was collaborating with the Mowanjum community to establish a multi-million-dollar irrigated fodder project on Mowanjum Station immediately to the north of Curtin.
Wayne has a solid network with the Derby and Fitzroy Crossing Aboriginal groups and leaders.

Since 2016 Wayne has consulted in the private sector on protected cropping, recycled water, water supply investigations and Environmental Approval (EA) for a CSG development in Queensland.

Wayne specialises in water investigations, recycled water project developments, contaminated water and groundwater management, environmental risk assessments, environmental approvals and stakeholder participation.

Wayne has highly developed community engagement and participation skills, access to a Government, stakeholder and business network and brings a robust risk management/mitigation approach to delivering successful projects.