Kids and coaching staff at the ‘Termite Mounds’ near Onslow during the 2013 launch of the Thalanyji Inspired Living Program.

Red Ochre works with clients to develop succinct and powerful descriptions of the services they offer. Recently consultant John Scougall assisted former West Coast Eagle Travis Gaspar to develop guidelines for the Inspired Living Program, Travis said:

“The guidelines paint a clear and simple picture of our objectives and how we measure them. It not only sets out what we do and how we do it in a streamlined way, but also what ‘success’ looks like.”

Inspired Living is a leadership and health and wellbeing initiative that works with young people in communities across WA. It offers the opportunity to be mentored by high profile leaders and star athletes, thereby providing the hook that engages and motivates. It promotes leadership and personal health through sports participation. It builds capacity to make sound life choices and set life goals. It supports school attendance.

Inspired Living is currently delivered in Onslow, Mullewa, Yalgoo, and Leonora in intensive blocks. It is a partnership approach inclusive of community organisations, schools, the resources sector, local business sponsors, sporting and recreation clubs and government agencies such as local Police.

Red Ochre believes good program design – simple goals, objectives, strategies, principles and key performance indicators – can be spelt out in a page or two. If you offer a service that can be more clearly explained and its progress better measured, Red Ochre has the policy expertise to help.


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