image1Working as many of us do “outback” presents a whole set of unique challenges that we shouldn’t ignore. And a lot of it is around personal safety.

Recently, at 110km/hr I had a tyre completely delaminate, that is, peel like an orange, with the result that there was a terrible smell of burning rubber and the 4WD came to a shuddering halt. I was well away from the next town, a hot day and no phone range. That’s no big deal but if I hadn’t been on a bitumen road, didn’t have 2 litres of water with me, someone knowing where I was and when I should have arrived, a box of matches and two spare tyres, jack and wheel wrench I could have been in trouble. And it was an hour from sundown.

The point? We all live very busy lives, huge expectations of what we should be doing on an hourly basis and sometimes forget to look after the simple things – our own personal safety.  Blowing a tyre at 110 is not always a recipe for disaster, it was a back tyre. A front tyre could have been quite different.

The point is? Make sure that you’ve got your safety equipment in place, in working order and then get on with the other stuff, getting the job done well. We’re all too precious to end up as another stat. If you haven’t looked after the basics then getting the work done just isn’t going to happen.


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