Business services to support Indigenous Australians

The Red Ochre Consulting team is a consortium of talented individuals who come from multi-disciplinary consulting and advisory backgrounds.

Red Ochre provides a suite of business, employment, community development, evaluation and tailored services to address the unique needs of each client. The breadth of our experience, coupled with a strong track record of working alongside Aboriginal people, provides invaluable knowledge and coverage that delivers quantifiable results across Red Ochre’s various projects.

A key asset that sets us apart from our peers is our unrivalled ability to work effectively with Aboriginal people. We understand and respect Aboriginal culture and believe we can quickly earn mutual respect when we embark upon projects. We utilise a range of methodologies and culturally aware approaches for use when engaging in projects. These are driven by a working relationship that is based on mutual goals and a true understanding of Aboriginal ways of working.

Our approach is guided through consultation with Aboriginal elders and through the highly respected Aboriginal people within our consulting team.

Having worked in the sector for decades, the Red Ochre team is acutely aware of the critical factors leading to success or failure of Aboriginal businesses and corporations.

Our clients include major mining companies, all sectors of government and rural and remote Aboriginal communities and corporations.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the Red Ochre approach or have an opportunity that would benefit from our services – please don’t hesitate to contact Red Ochre Director Adrian Azzari Colley +61 8 97912768.

Red Ochre Consulting provides a comprehensive range of business services to support Indigenous Australians in finding and developing sustainable business and employment opportunities: