Collaborating to deliver successful Indigenous employment solutions


Red Ochre Consulting can work with local, state & federal governments and mining companies, to develop an employment idea into a successful and sustainable business solution.

We have a great track record in creating and delivering Indigenous Employment Strategies with:

  • Shire of Kondinin 2005
  • City of Kalgoorlie Boulder 2005
  • Town of Kwinana 2007
  • Peel 2008
  • Swan TAFE 2010

The Shire of Kondinin’s Indigenous Employment Strategy has been highly successful. We worked closely with the shire in the Great Southern of Western Australia to develop the Indigenous employment strategy. It has resulted in the continuous employment of the same eight (8) indigenous people over a period of six years as full-time shire employees.  Today in 2011, the shire still employs 75% of the original participants. Prior to this initiative the shire employed no Indigenous people.