Submission Writing

The Red Ochre team members have a proud track record in developing  quality funding submissions that stand out from the rest. The capacity of indigenous organisations to produce detailed proposals that meet the highest professional standards and do justice to the very best of your project ideas has never been more critical than right now. Those that fail to do so may be in for a shock, facing the prospect of service closure.

Competition for scarce public resources has never been greater. No longer is it sufficient to simply dust off last years proposal and update your budget. The trend within government is towards the consolidation of indigenous programs within a few agencies. Only those activities that align with strategic priorities and the reform agenda will attract funding. Not only is it necessary to demonstrate that existing activities are delivering results. They also need to show how they will measure, monitor and report their progress. Furthermore new proposals must clearly demonstrate how they support long term change and improved outcomes for Aboriginal people. They require mechanisms of periodic business planning, evaluation and review. 

The Commonwealth Government recently opened a program funding round inviting applications for 2015. Our new consultant Alan Stewart has been actively involved in assisting  innovative projects through this process.

Members of our team worked with community organisations all over the country to produce powerful proposals that attract funding. We have assisted business enterprises, community safety patrol services, a regional festival, emergency services, road and pathway development, and local government.  Red Ochre also offers intense workshops that build regional and organisational submission writing capacity.  Give yourself the edge by learning the top ten tips for a successful proposal!  

A great project idea need not suffer the consequences of a bad submission.  A quality proposal may be the best investment your organisation makes this year. It may also be the least expensive. 

Don’t take our word for it.  This is what others have said:

Working with Red Ochre was great. They were responsive, collaborative and actually gave us what we wanted – a  business plan that we can understand, work with and use to build our future.  It was heartening too to see that they didn’t just leave when the job was finished. They have been helping with other things, a governance handbook and helping set-up a trial to ameliorate polluted water. And as a contribution to our group.

We would certainly recommend them to other groups as good to work with and value for money.

Lower Blackwood LCDC


Red Ochre looked after us the whole way through. They provided us with constant support, clever, competent consultants who never missed a beat. We have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who wants a consulting firm that will get the job done, within budget and on time.

Dean Wynne, Indigenous Workabout.


During my time as the CEO at the Shire of Halls Creek, John Scougall produced a considerable number of funding submissions both for the Shire and for various NGOs around the town. John’s submissions had a very high success rate in obtaining grant funding. 

I certainly appreciated John’s thoroughness and his approach to submission writing, which included a lot of background research and advice on whether the subject funding program was appropriate to the objectives that we were trying to achieve. This meant that we did not waste time and money preparing funding applications that would have little chance of success. 

John also demonstrated a very good grasp of the accounting requirements and financial constraints to which local governments are subject, which unfortunately are not always well understood by submission writers. Consequently, very few of his submissions needed to be reworked prior to submission as they were already well grounded in facts rather than hopes. His submissions were always produced in a timely fashion, so that we were not rushing to review and submit them prior to deadlines (which is a problem we have often encountered with other submission writers).
Kind regards
Warren K Olsen
Chief Executive Officer
Shire of Mount Magnet