With the recent discussion about the closure of remote Aboriginal communities there has been a lack of recognition of the   success that is occurring in enterprise development in some parts of WA. Red Ochre Director, Adrian Azzari-Colley was in the Kimberley again in April and was pleasantly surprised by the developments that are occurring there. Adrian is very much a hands-on practitioner and was visiting clients on site in the region around Broome. Despite the rugged access to some parts of the region (See inset photo – yes that is a white Pajero) he was very impressed by the progress that is being made. Despite poor roads, difficult access to training and support and infrequent visits by professional services Adrian felt that Aboriginal enterprise is developing strongly. He cited the example of Kimberly Manufacturing https://www.redochreconsulting.com.au/kimberley-manufacturing-pty-ltd/ as well as the success of Aboriginal Pastoral leases in the region. Tourism is also starting to develop strongly.

The approach that his company, Red Ochre Consulting, is using with companies in the region, particularly start-ups is proving to be very successful. Mr. Azzari-Colley said that they’re working closely with clients to help them evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses and capacity to run a business before they get to implementation stage. It’s a formula that works and seeing great success across WA. Talk to Adrian on 041 991 5654 or through [email protected]


Adrian With Car


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